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[Bullet]  Starting a New Application


Application Maintenance:


The web application system may be unavailable Sunday evenings from 6pm to 12am (Mountain Time) for regular maintenance, if required.

Returning Users
For users who have started or submitted an application:

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Before starting a new application, make sure you have consulted with the department offering your program of interest.

It's critical to visit the department's website because admission requirements, application procedures and the documentation required varies by program.

Some departments also have
pre-application steps before applying online.

See How to Apply.


[Bullet] Applying Online: What You Need


Applying online takes 30-40 minutes. You may start an application, save it and then return to complete it within 21 days. However, if you start an application, it must be submitted before the department application deadline.


Important Notes
The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine does not accept online applications. Contact the department directly for application information.

The Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) are not graduate programs. For information visit

Can't apply online?
Departments may accept a paper application; contact the department to obtain a paper application.


Email Address
A valid e-mail address is required. Initial communication about your application will be sent here until you formally submit it.  If you have registered an email address with Graduate Studies previously, please do not attempt to create a brand new account with this email address, as it will not be successful.  Rather, if you have forgotten the password, please ask for a password re-set and send an email to:

PASSWORD:  When creating a password for your account, please note - the grad application system only permits passwords that are 8 characters in length.  Please do NOT use special characters like *_(), etc.

Use a combination of letters and numbers in your password and do not begin your password with a number.


A Visa or Mastercard
A non-refundable $100 CAD application fee must be paid with a valid Visa or Mastercard. You will be asked to enter this information at the end of the application.

Third-Party Payment: You may complete your application and place it on hold for a third party to pay the application fee by Visa or Mastercard on your behalf; instructions are within the application. Payment must be received before your application expires AND before the department application deadline. Applications are not considered submitted until payment is received.

Application Fee Waivers: The application fee automatically will be waived if you are applying from one of the countries waived from the application fee.

4. Program Selection
You will be required to select a program for your application. Make sure you checked the department website for the application deadlines, admission requirements and any other pre-application steps.
5. Education History
You will be asked to list all your postsecondary study to date, including degrees that may be in progress and not yet awarded. Make sure you have the dates you attended. Supporting documentation (ie. transcripts) will have to be mailed directly to the department to which you are applying. (see Supporting Documents below).
6. English Language or Other Test Scores
You will be asked to list your scores from any English Language exams (eg. TOEFL, IELTS) or other exams required for admission (eg. GMAT). Supporting documentation will have to be mailed directly to the department to which you are applying. (see Supporting Documents below).

References & CV
Most departments require 3 reference letters. You will need to supply the names of your referees in the online application. A reference letter template (download here ) is available for you to supply to your referees. Most departments also require a CV (download here)


Supporting Documents
All supporting documents--including transcripts, exam scores, CV--must be mailed directly to the department to which you're applying. Your referees must also mail their reference letters directly to the department. Departments require different documentation at different stages of the application process. Contact the department for guidance.


[Bullet] Getting into the Application


To access the application, you need to create a User ID and log in to Grad Base, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's online service portal.

Once in, you can begin a new application and an application number will automatically be generated.

Simply proceed through the tabbed sections; you may complete a portion of the application and return within 21 days to finish.

You will not be considered an applicant to a program until you electronically submit your application and the $100 application fee is paid. This must be done BEFORE the department deadline.

Apply Online

To access Grad Base, your computer must have:

  1. a recent version of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera) NOTE:  Google Chrome is not compatible with our application currently
  2. Special Note - newer versions of Firefox will require you to disable the 'private browsing' in the brower settings
  3. cookies must be enabled on your browser
  4. JavaScript must be enabled on your browser

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Questions about the web application?
Phone: (780) 492-3499 or 1-800-758-7136 (Canada and US only)

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